AB Roller Set (VHA-10)

Strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms and back muscles together with the ab roller set. Use with the accompanying anti-slip mat to protect your knees. Designed to be sturdy, compact and foldable for easy use and storage. Plus, the non-slip ergonomic hand grips allow you perfect control and comfort.

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Black Aardvark USB Vacuum Cleaner (AC31)

Keep your car, workdesk and laptop clean from dust and dirt with the Valore USB vacuum cleaner. It features high suction power yet low noise operation and handheld-size for maximum portability.

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Aurora Wireless Speaker With Moodlight Function (BTS21)

Get the party started with the Valore Aurora Wireless Speaker. A statement piece with its unique design and beautiful array of LED moodlight display. Plus, enjoy high-quality stereo sound from the 5W speaker by pairing it with another Aurora speaker.

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1080P Car DVR (VMS55)

Recording on the move gets sharper and more defined when you record in rich colour details with 1080p full HD image quality. On Parking Mode, recording starts when any impact is detected. A must-have in every vehicle.

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Oak Humidifier (AC26)

Say goodbye to dry air in style. Featuring an elegant wood grain design and whisper-quiet operation, this portable humidifier is best for small spaces on bedside tables and office cubicles.

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