Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to choose a power bank that is suitable for me?

1. Mobile device/devices
Determine the kind of mobile device you would like to charge with the power bank and the number of devices you wish to charge. (eg. iPhone 5, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note 3, etc.)

2. Battery capacity (mAh) and input requirement (A)
Check out the battery capacity (mAh) of each mobile device you wish to charge with the power bank and also the voltage input requirement (1A/2A/2.1A). Calculate and add up the total power needed to charge up your devices. Determine your usage for each individual device and add it to the total power needed.
Battery capacity:
iPhone 5 – 1440 mAh
iPhone 5s – 1560 mAh
iPhone 6 – 1810 mAh
iPhone 6 Plus – 2915 mAh
iPad 4 – 10,000 mAh

Samsung Galaxy S3 – 2100 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S4 – 2600 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S5 – 2800 mAh
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 3200 mAh
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – 3220 mAh

**For multiple charging of mobile devices, it would be recommended to choose a power bank with both ports 1A and 2/2.1A.

3. Power bank
After totalling up the power needed to charge up your mobile devices, now look that the power bank that caters to your needs. At the back of most packaging, it states that there will be a successful transfer rate of 85%, where the other 15% would be lost to discharge and heat.
Refer to “How many times can my Valore Power Bank charge my mobile device?” for more information.

4. Design, shape, size and weight
Now that you have got your desired battery capacity in mind, the next thing would be the outlook and the weight of the power bank. Some find it a hassle to carry a bulky and heavy power bank out especially when he/she does not wish to bring a bag. In this case, you may want to have a slim and light power bank, enough to charge a single design where as a larger and bulkier one for a whole day use during outdoors.

After this, you should be able to judge how much power capacity you will need for your power bank.

How long does it take for my Valore Power Bank to be fully charged?

All power banks are required to be charged at least 8 hours before the first use to maximise its fully potential.

1. Battery capacity
Depending on the battery capacity of the power bank, the number of hours are required to fully charge it.
Eg. 3000mAh Power Bank, normal DC adapters have 1A power output, which is similar to the power bank’s 1A input.
1A = 1000mA, 3000mAh = 1000mA per hour of charging for 3 hours at least. (Safe time would be 3-5 hours of charging)

2. LED indicator
Besides checking the number of hours for it to be fully charged, most Valore Power Banks with LED indicator to check the status of the charging. Some indicators require full solid LED, some were indicated by colours and some digital display.

Why is my Valore Power Bank not charging the mobile device?

1. Input/Output difference
If the output of the power bank is lower than the input of the mobile device, the charging speed is halved, comparing to its regular charging speed due to the difference in the power.
Eg, A power bank with output 1A charging a mobile device which requires 2/2.1A .

2. Cable issue
The cable might not be compatible. Try a few different cables to double check, but an original cable would be recommended for charging.

3. Empty power bank
The power bank might be empty and requires charging. Therefore, fully charge the power bank before use.

Why is my Valore Power Bank consuming more energy than the mobile device required?

1. Heat
Power banks get a little hot while charging a device, therefore energy is lost to the environment.

2. Discharging
Even when power bank is idle, power is still lost over time.

3. Running applications (mobile device)
Applications from the mobile device consumes extra battery life from the power bank.

How many times can my Valore Power Bank charge my mobile device?

There isn’t a fixed number of times a power bank can charge up a mobile device. It depends on the battery capacity of the mobile device as some needs more than the other.

A power bank is like a backup power solution when your mobile device is low in power from usage or forgotten to charge.

Eg. A certain mobile device has a battery capacity of about 1440mAh and your power bank is about 5000mAh. After deducting the loss of power from the power bank, which is about 15%, it is about 4250mAh power left in the power bank. Which means that the power bank can fully charge the mobile device for at least 1 time and up to how many times, it depends on how long is the interval between each charge and the usage of the mobile device.

Refer to “Why is my power bank consuming more energy than the mobile device required?” for more information.

Why is my Valore Bluetooth device unable to pair with my mobile device?

1. Bluetooth Version
Your Bluetooth version might not be compatible with the product’s Bluetooth version. Update the Bluetooth version and try pairing again.

2. Not fully charged
Bluetooth device may be low on battery and needs to be fully charged.

3. Pair with others
Bluetooth device may have already been paired with another mobile device. Un-pair the devices first then re-pair the devices again.

Watch this video on to learn how to pair your Bluetooth device with your Mobile device:

How do I make a one to one exchange of the suspected faulty product?

Please present the following items at the store of purchase:

1. Receipt / Member during purchase
Please bring along your receipt for verification. If your receipt is no longer around, your purchase can be verified by checking your membership account.

2. Original Product
Please do not attempt to repair, temper or modify the product by yourself, which may lead to the voiding of the warranty.

3. Original Packaging
Please include all original accessories of the product along with the packaging. (If there are missing items from the packaging, only the product will be changed)

Where can I find your products?

You can find our products in the stores listed here or check out our online store here.

How long is the warranty for my Valore products

All Valore products come with 1 year warranty.

The accessories that come with it has 90 days warranty.

Register your warranty here.

How to recycle electrical and electronic equipment

What Is E-Waste

E-waste is electrical and electronic equipment of any kind that has been discarded. This includes practically anything powered by an electrical source (e.g., from a power socket or a battery).

Why Recycle E-Waste

Recycling e-waste protects human and environmental health. Improper disposal of e-waste leads to environmental pollution and this may in turn harm human health. The best way to treat e-waste is to recycle it properly. E-waste comprises many different components and requires specialised equipment to dismantle, shred, process and extract the constituent materials that can then be turned into new products. This has to be performed within a controlled system to prevent pollution and ensure workplace safety and health.

Recycling e-waste also helps to conserves our earth’s precious natural resources. Recycled material is used to make new products. This reduces the need to mine virgin raw materials from the earth, which are limited in supply. Reducing the need for mining also lowers pollution, as the process of mining has an impact on our environment.

You are encouraged to recycle your e-waste with voluntary e-waste recycling programmes available in Singapore. Companies and organisations are encouraged to adopt SS 587, the Singapore Standard for the management of end-of-life ICT equipment, or at least to implement the best practices for e-waste recycling contained in it.

Learn more at: