Valore Auto Digital Clock (LWC01)

Prolong the battery life of your clock with auto-detect function to switch off your clock when the room is quiet – simply tap gently, snap your fingers or clap to reactivate the time-telling function. A perfect complement to any bedside or work desk with its modern look.

  • Alarm
  • Calendar
  • Activated by sound
  • Room temperature
  • Power input: DC5V/500mAh (max)
  • Battery type: 4 x AAA battery (not included)
  • Illumination: 207 – 249MCD
  • Material: PVC + MDF
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 150 x 69 x 42mm
  • Weight: 247g

* The clock is USB powered. Battery option is for emergency use only

  • Auto digital clock
  • USB charging cable